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The British Driving Society Scottish Branch have lots of opportunities for children and young people under 18 years with or without ponies!

There are training days specifically for you, whether you have experience with ponies or not. There are opportunities to take part in shows and fun days  across the country and we are always looking for new ideas and help creating new events.

If you are interested in taking up carriage driving and would like some info and friendly advice about how to get started please contact us!



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  BDS Junior Commissioner Emily Ham Writes......

As someone who has come up through the juniors in the BDS I am very keen to ensure we have an active young driver membership with as many activities as possible at local as well as national level. I started driving with Sherry a 9 hand Shetland and had excellent training as a BDS junior as well as the opportunity to enjoy cones, camp, showing, socials, pleasure driving and fun events. There are many interesting places to visit and things to do.

I welcome any suggestions from those supporting the young drivers and of course would love to hear from our junior members about their driving, what they enjoy and what they would like to do. My aim is to get to know you all, not just by name, so please send me some information about yourself and what you have been doing. Please come over and introduce yourself if the opportunity arises - at Shows & Events etc. I am always happy to help. Please do get in touch ! Emily Ham Commissioner for Junior Members My email is



Following a consensus of opinion of BDS Council and the BDS Safety Panel it is now considered that in the interests of our duty of care to our younger members, the Society wishes to introduce a formal Ruling on the wearing of hard hats.

That Ruling reads as follows: With effect from May 1st 2013, Drivers, Grooms and Passengers who are under the age of 14 years and who are participating in any British Driving Society officially organised event, activity or competition, will be required to wear a hard hat which fits whilst on any horse drawn vehicle and this will include Grooms who have dismounted to assist with the horse. For clarification, a hard hat would require to have the same criteria applied as that of a riding hat. That is – Kite marked to the latest current safety standard and with an appropriate chin strap harness attached. The current safety standards are EN1384 (European Safety Standard), BSEN1384 (British Safety Standard) and PAS 015 (British Safety Standards Institute). The first two are reviewed every 5 years or following an issue, and PAS 015 is reviewed every 2 years. The BDS Council and the BDS Safety Panel are sure you will understand just how important the safety of our younger members is to the Society and will recognise this Ruling as a positive step towards ensuring that safety at all BDS officially organised events.


Junior Commissioner and Child Protection Officer for BDS Scottish Branch is Kendall Young

Tel: 07736 960 081



To encourage and assist those interested in equine driving.