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Each year the prestigious Anthea Greenlees Trophy is awarded to a deserving youngster. On becoming a member, each young driver is given an awards card to be completed after attending, helping at or participting in any BDS event.

The AG Award is based on the number of events that a child attends ( age 10-18) within a year whether they are assisting ,grooming or driving. Award cards are signed by coach or event organiser and each event attracts 3 points.
This is cross checked at the end of the driving year by the youth co-ordinator.


The Scholarship was set up by the Scottish Show Committee in memory of Anthea Greenlees after discussion with and the agreement of her husband Ronald Greenlees.


Anthea had been part of the organizing team of the British Driving Society Scottish Show since its very first year 1979 when it was run at Holyrood Park in Edinburgh. The archive programmes that I have are liberally scattered with names that our older members will remember and are or have been friends with, both as competitors and as organisers.

Anthea was helped for many years by Maureen Hogg and Willie Hendry, Diana Brownlie, Coupy brown, Sally North and Winn Colville were all part of the organizing team at one time or another and the early entries are a constellation of  the great and good in the driving world sadly many of whom are no longer with us but some of whom are still holding the reins today.


After her death Captain Greenlees indicated that there was some driving equipment and sundries that were to be sold off and that he wished it to benefit the BDS. It seemed appropriate that something in Anthea’s name and for young people, would keep her memory alive as someone who put so much in to driving both in her own efforts as a competitor, but also as an organiser putting time and energy back.


The Scholarship has been run since 1991/2 by various members of the BDS at a whole range of locations around Scotland but the principle remains unchanged. It is for any Junior (10 to 18 yrs of age) and they gather to have a days assessment which allows them to demonstrate their knowledge and enthusiasm and the day in itself gives them a day of training, but the final result is that one youngster is awarded a days tuition with an approved trainer of their choice paid for by BDS Scotland.

One of the well knows recipients are Joanna Broadbent (wife of Mark Broadbent of Fenix Carriages) who at 17 won the Scholarship and has since moved South and made her life with Mark and horses. She went on to win the BHDTA Novice Single Horse, and is a very talented driver.


The original bequest has long since run out but BDS Scotland is committed to the Scholarship and will continue to find the funds to support it. Last year the Try a sport Day surplus was put to this fund.

Long may it continue.


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Ann Rushton Green











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